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Why WebVPN performance is so slow?

We are using VPN3020 for webvpn and client vpn access at the same time.

when we use the webvpn to access Intranet, the performance is very slow and we can not get responding sometime.But, if we use VPN client to access Intranet, we get a very quick responding at the same time.

Anybody can explain why the perfomance of webvpn is so slow and the client vpn is quicker? Maybe the difference with the SSL and IPsec? Thanks.


Re: Why WebVPN performance is so slow?

The WebVPN numbers are based on standard capacity and performance tests that measure the VPN Concentrator's retrieval of web pages using WebVPN. Cisco used the following criteria to conduct these performance tests:

A WebVPN session represents a single, logged-on TLS-v1 WebVPN user encrypted with 3DES.

Each user retrieves a web page at up to every 60 seconds.

Users log in at the rate of one/second and pass data for the duration of the test.

The benchmarked, average retrieval time for the web page is less than or equal to 5 seconds.

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