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Windows 8 and Cisco VPN Client scenario

Hi All,

We have lots of clients who are on windows 7 and using Cisco IOS routers for Remote Access ( using Cisco VPN Clients ) to their offices. We are planning to migrate their windows 7 in to Windows 8 in the near future. I know that Windows 8 is not supported for Cisco VPN Clients and this can be fixed by some sort of Registry hack on the PCs.  But in our case we can't go to each client and do this manually. I know that WEBVPN could be an answer to this. But that requires us to buy and activate Cisco IOS SSL VPN Feature license which is going to incur a cost. ( The cheepest license will only allow 10 users )

So my question is,

1) Is there straightforward way I can tackle this scenario ( Without Changing Windows 8 Registry or without using costly Webvpn ) ?.

2) Or is my only option webvpn ?

3) If my only option is webvpn. Can I enable webvpn just by adding "FL-WEBVPN-10-K9" for 10 users (on Cisco 880 series routers with Advance IP services) or does it needs additional supporting license.

4) With the Cisco 880 series routers, The Maximum number of users supported on webvpn is 10 ?? or can I go higher with some other license ?

Thanks for your help

New Member

Windows 8 and Cisco VPN Client scenario

try using PPTP vpn. it will work without Cisco vpn client. below is config example.

hope this helps.

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