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Windows based VPN to FWSM

Good Day,

Has anyone been able to configure the FWSM to allow a windows based IPSEC vpn to terminate to it and allow access to the protected inside network.

The FWSM only allows 5 vpns; but in our case... we would only ever use one and possibly two concurrent vpn's at the same time.

The documentation for the FWSM talks about configuring the FWSM for remote access using a VPN; but it does not mention anything about having the vpn into the protected network.

Any help at all is most appreciated.

I have put together a basic config and attached it to this message.


Re: Windows based VPN to FWSM

The levels of support provided by PIX MC are:

SupportedPIX MC fully supports this command. It can import and deploy a configuration with this command.

ErrorCommands in this category can interact unpredictably with PIX MC features that may be configured in the user interface. If a command in this category appears in a configuration during import, or during deploy to device, PIX MC generates errors, and the import fails.

VerbatimCommands in this category do not interact with features configured in the PIX MC user interface. These commands are copied, verbatim, during import to the Configure > Settings > Ending Commands page.

UnsupportedPIX MC does not support the command. Based on the value of the Action on Unknown commands setting in the Configure > Settings > PIX MC Controls > Management page, PIX MC generates an error or places the command in the Configure > Settings > Ending Commands page.

For more information refer to the followign url:

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