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WRVS4400N site to site

Read a few posts, and going throught some sites, but I have the following network topology.

3 offices and a few 'road warriors'.  Recommendation from a few people I went with the WRVS4400N routers.  Each are in place at the location and I need the following;

Site to Site connectivity.
Road warrior IPsec dial in.

I have done this in the past with Juniper products so familiar with the language, concepts, etc. so did it first manal setup and then with the site to site wizard.  The 2nd got me closer.  Right now I have all setup as remote management, have the tunnel created and 'up'.  I can ping the private side of each router but can't get past it.

Ex. Router 1, public 1 is private is   Public 2 is private is  Each router is set as .1, so from network 1, I can ping fine (can login remotely using port 8080), as well as ping (which is the private interface), but can't get past it to see the other devices, printers, desktops, etc.  Is there a firewall policy or something that must be added, or did I miss a step.

Part 2 is more details on the VPN roadie.  The guy did say I can use a basic IPSec client, so I will look at what was on the CD later, but is this a true IPsec VPN where I can use a smartphone IPsec client, MAC or linux client as well as the CD I remember just had a windows setup.

Thanks for all reads/replies.

Cisco Employee

Re: WRVS4400N site to site


since this question is about a product in the Cisco Small Business / Linksys range, please move it to the Small Business Security community, where you will have a better chance of getting expert advice.



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