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12406 GSR router Alarm is not clearing

We have a network with 12406 routers. One of the router is showing "critical alarm" condition.

On the console messages we see that one of the power supply has reached LOW input voltage and has been shut down. Subsequently, after restoring the power, the power supply started functioning again.

What should be the normal behaviour of the alarm LED ? ie;

a) should it be automatically get cleared after correcting the error condition OR

b) Is t remaining in ON status even after error condition is normalized, and waiting for some console action is taken to clear the LED ?

( We are obserriving "b" and want to know whether this is normal condition ?)


Re: 12406 GSR router Alarm is not clearing


Did you find any reset button near the Alarm LEDs ?

We do have Cisco 12410 here and faced these kinda probs and got resolved after pressing the reset button placed near the Alarm LEDs...


Community Member

Re: 12406 GSR router Alarm is not clearing

We dont have any reset button on alarm card.

But the conidtion can be cleared using clear command.

But I am wondering why do I have to clear the condition manually. Shouldn't it be cleared automatically once the error condition ( in our case, power supply became operational ) ?

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