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1711 VPN, ISA, QOS, issue

at work we're trying to do QOS for the vpn link from our office to one of our other offices

we're using the Crypto map command for the VPN

the topo is

Lan--ISA firewall--1711--(internet)--1711-ISA firewall--LAN

the VPN is from 1711 to 1711

we want to use the RSVP command and base it on DSCP

we have the QOS preclassify command on the map already but its not matching any packets the VoIP sys is an avaya so we ran Wireshark on a temp hub (that we temporarly inserted inbetween the avaya and the switch) and found dscp 0x22

any ideas?


Re: 1711 VPN, ISA, QOS, issue

bad idea because nobogy can guarantee you QoS in the internet.

Re: 1711 VPN, ISA, QOS, issue

just need to guarantee a bandwidth slice of the internet facing T-1

I realize after its on the internet it'll be encrypted and thus not matchable till the other 1711 de-cryptes it.

so the idea is to reserve some of the T-1 so that if a large file is being sent over the VPN that the VoIP can still have enough bandwidth to be understandable.

Re: 1711 VPN, ISA, QOS, issue

can someone help?

and we've changed priority is more important than bandwidth?

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