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1800 and 2800 routers

Hi ,

2 questions :

1.Is HSRP supported on an 1800 series router , if so which one???

Has anyone practically tested it???Does it work fine????

2. On a 2800 which card should I go for if I need a Channelised E1 connection???

Can I have it on a 2811 ??? If so can I have the Part code please.

Thanks in advance,



Re: 1800 and 2800 routers

1) HSRP is supported on 1800 series routers just fine, we use it all the time. I think its standard in all software loads

2) I think you could either use the VWIC (or VWIC2) cards VWIC/VWIC2-MFT/2MFT-T1/E1, this should work on any 2800 series (or 1800 series) router depending on the card you choose. But be careful, sometimes in other countries, such as Mexico, the E1's don't arrive as an RJ-45, but as a coax and you need to go with an external DSU I believe.

Either that or the NM-1CE1T1-PRI if you choose a 2800 series that supports an NM card (ie: not the 2801).

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Re: 1800 and 2800 routers

Hi Craig,

Thanks for ur quick response , much appreciated.

One last thing , which 1800 series are u using for HSRP???

Many Thanks,


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Re: 1800 and 2800 routers


I am using 1841 on which HSRp work fine without any issue.....

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Re: 1800 and 2800 routers


in reality you never need an external DSU when E1 is provisioned a coax. You just use the correct cable (CA-E1-BNC) and configure the card for unbalanced / 75 Ohm.

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