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1811 using two ISPs and built-in switch?

Hello all. I have a question on a potential config. The client has not purchased this equipment yet and I'm wondering if the following is possible?

This client will have two Internet connections both delivered as an Ethernet hand-off. They will be using static IPs for each. These are small offices and do not have VLAN capable switches in them right now. They have existing firewalls they wish to continue to use.

I would like to connect the two Internet links to the switch on the 1811 in different VLANs, create a subinterface on Ethernet 1 for each link and then use Ethernet 0 as the connection back to the existing firewall. The 1811 would not need to provide firewall/inspection at all. I'm more curious as to whether this idea of having the one ethernet interface handle the two ISP links is feasible? I had then planned to use policy routes or object tracking to control where the traffic goes.

If this is not feasible with an 1811, would I need a router with three physical Ethernet WAN ports to accomplish this?

Thanks very much.


Re: 1811 using two ISPs and built-in switch?

You should be able to do what you want with a 1811 but I don't think it is configured in the method you say. I have not configured one of these but it should be consitant with other cisco routers that contain switches.

The easiest way to do this would be to connect each isp to one of the ethernet ports and hook the firewall to one of the 8 port switch ports. You would then put a address on the vlan1 interface for these ports. All the ports are in vlan 1 by default.

If you want to hook the ISP to the switch ports you can assign each to a different vlan and define corresponding vlan interfaces.

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