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1812 ISR - 2 IPS - Sharing

Hello, excuse me for my english !!

I have one 1812 with two different ISP.

I want nat, load-balancing and Qos.

Have you some configurations examples ?

Or some "easy" documentations ?



Re: 1812 ISR - 2 IPS - Sharing


Just answering part of your question.

You cant load-balance between 2 different ISP. You could however load-share.

"Load balancing is not possible in a multihomed environment with two ISPs. BGP selects only the single best

path to a destination among the BGP paths that are learned from different ASs, which makes load balancing

impossible. However, load sharing is possible in such multihomed BGP networks. On the basis of

predetermined policies, traffic flow is controlled with different BGP attributes"

For configurations examples, best place would be:

check the IOS section, where you can find configuration example for every single feature available.


if it does, please rate this post.



Re: 1812 ISR - 2 IPS - Sharing

Not sure how you manage to hook a 1812 to 2 ISP's and your internal network with only 2 ethernet ports.

There is no "easy" way to do this. Since you are talking NAT I will ignore the inbound intiated traffic since you cannot even think to load balance inbound traffic unless you run BGP and have your own addresses.

For outbound traffic you could hack a policy route that would send some users traffic out one ISP and others to the second one. Since it will use a different NAT pool the traffic will return correctly.

Maybe with luck you can load balance the traffic.

For QoS there is little you can do. If you think you are going to drop packet outbound to your ISP then you can run QoS on those interfaces. Normally it is inbound traffic from the internet that has overload issues. Only your ISP can handle this and only on the final part of the circuit to you. There really no way to have QoS on the internet if your traffic must pass through multiple ISP's

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