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1841 Router Encryption support

Dear All.

As the we are using point to point link and there will be no VPN Connections.


1. Does 1841 router support encryption ?if yes does we need to Upgrade the deafult IOS comes with base router ?

2. For encryption does we need additional hardware.

3. For point to point link we need to do encryption. Can you suggest us the link to sample config.

4. Can we do encryption without VPN on point to point dedicated serial link.



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Re: 1841 Router Encryption support

1 yes, depend what you currently have

2 no

3 standard ipsec as documentaion

4 no

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Re: 1841 Router Encryption support


I mostly agree with Paolo, especially about the fact that you can not do encryption on the 1841 without doing IPSec VPN.

As for question 2) asking whether you need additional hardware, Paolo says no but I would say that it depends somewhat on what encryption alogrithm you will use, and depends mostly on how much traffic you will be encrypting. If you will pass much volume of traffic to be encrypted you may find the optional encryption accelerator to be very helpful. I have a customer who is doing lots of sites with 1841s doing encryption and they find the optional accelerator to be helpful.



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Re: 1841 Router Encryption support

Reference for VPN performance various Cisco devices, with and without optional VPN module, including 1841 (Table 5):

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Re: 1841 Router Encryption support

Look at the performance a 5505 can provide ....

You may find it cheaper to buy 5505(s) and use them to do the vpn work at "core" site.

I have routers w/vpns, concentrators with vpns and even modules in 6500s to do vpns ... my favored box is a little 5505 w/2 Cisco anyconnect clients especially with 64 bit Vista users.

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Re: 1841 Router Encryption support

There is no need for external FWs or VPN boxes when using Cisco routers. For example a 1841 works perfectly to encrypt a 2 mbps point-to-point circuit without requiring any additional hardware.

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