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1841 Router with 2 Internet lines

Dear All,

I have a 1841 router with built-in Ethernet port and ADSL WIC card installed.

I have my Leased Line connected to the Ethernet port and the ADSL WIC is connected to my ADSL line I have from my ISP.

I want to configure the router in which the traffic coming from only specific PCs is to go through the Leased Line ( Ethernet port ) and all other go through the ADSL?

How can I acheive that?

Thanx a lot

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Re: 1841 Router with 2 Internet lines

Hello mdfnyeye,

you can achieve this using PBR = policy-based routing

in this way you can check the source addresses of packets as thy enter the internal lan interface:

if they match a route-map they are diverted to the leased line otherwise are routed to the DSL link.

you need :

a preferred default route to the DSL line

ip route dialer1 10

a less preferred static route to leased line

ip route eth0 200

access-list 101 permit ip host any

route-map pbr permit 10

match ip address 101

set interface eth0

let's suppose eth1 is your internal lan interface receiving client traffic

int eth1

ip policy route-map pbr

Hope to help


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