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1841 with 2 port VWIC problem

Im having a problem trying to configure my 1841's VWIC... it doesnt seem to be recognizing any service-module commands in enable mode! I just reinstalled the IOS as recommended by a cisco tech and I am wondering if there is something I have missed.


Re: 1841 with 2 port VWIC problem

if you're sure the IOS is capable of supporting your hardware, then run the show version command.

this will display all the hardware that the IOS recognized when it booted up.

if your hardware is not recognized there, the IOS commands may not be available.

also, the service-module commands are used for T1 configuration of specific hardware. if this VWIC contains a PRI/T1 port, then the commands will be different to configure this interface. (use controller T1 and and serial Interface commands to configure this PRI/T1 port; among other commands required)

see this link for more info:


Re: 1841 with 2 port VWIC problem

I assume you mean something like a vwic-2mft-

These cards will allow you to run fractional circuits as well do add drop depending on the card.

You need to configure a channel group under the controller option.

The csu/dsu settings are done in the contoller rather than the interface.

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Re: 1841 with 2 port VWIC problem

Thats exactly what card it is. I havent any experience with this card, so I am used to running the service-module commands to setup the csu. Any advice, or specific commands I can run to configure the clock/rate etc?

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Re: 1841 with 2 port VWIC problem

Okay, sorry I feel stupid.. yes use controller T1 to configure the clock rates, frame etc.. gotcha! Thanks so much for your help!

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