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1841 with LL,RF and PIX

Hi guys,

I have a situation in which i have cisco 1841 router running IOS 12.4c with two fast ethernet ports and one WIC1T card .Now we have leased line configured. i want wireless to work as a back up for leased line.(wireless is also internet).

i will terminate into one Fa0/0 for RF,but now my problem is that i have a PIX 506E behind from router running version 6.3(the outside interface Ip is of Leased Line with All the Nat configured in PIX )which is Fa0/1(to pIX) it possible to do backup ?if yes then how?

TOP rated PPL plzs reply


Re: 1841 with LL,RF and PIX

The write net, config net, and tftp-server commands enable you to backup and restore the PIX configuration for versions 6.x and 7.x. Note: These commands and this procedure are supported in both PIX 6.x and 7.x versions. In both cases, the commands must be issued in global configuration mode. Issue the tftp-server command in order to simplify entering the configure net and write net commands. When you issue these commands, you can either inherit the TFTP server specified by the tftp-server command, or provide your own value. You can also inherit the path in the tftp-server command as is, add a path and filename to the end of the tftp-server command value, or override the tftp-server command value. The PIX Security Appliance supports only one tftp-server command.

tftp-server [if_name] {ip_address|hostname} path

Specify the default TFTP server, path and filename to use with the configure net or write net commands

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