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2 ISP Wan Links 30 & 6mb need fail over solution with EBGP and HSRP.

Dear Friends, 

Seek your help for solution on dual Wan link from two different ISPs on two different routers with  my own /24 subnet advertising on both ISPs however need help in configuring the EBGP with fail over and HSRP,  priority to 30mb link and in case of primary link failure should switch over to backup 6mb link. 

Receiving only default routes from both ISPs. 






This is most widely used scenario. Check the below link and also google for additional examples. If you run into any issues, post configs,



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Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your valuable information thru which I could cross verify certain things however I m struggling to understand how to configure automatic fail over between two routers to achieve redundancy based on HSRP. 

Because my 6mb link is preferred always though I have prepended my own AS towards backup link but still incoming trace from Global network prefer 6mb link instead of 30mb. 

Due to confidentiality I won't be able to share the configuration. 

Would appreciate if any further assistance is provided upon this ongoing issue for me. 


Hi Sam,

Hi Sam,

It's hard to help without configs and topology (you don't have to use real IPs)

Here is simple exmaple how you can configure HSRP to track uplink interface or track ip sla object to influnece which gateway will be active.


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Your information is a bit vague -  You dont say if the ISP are in different ASN's and if you are to receive a full internet/partial routing table or just defaults?

Also what IGP ( if any)  you will be using internally ?

So...I have attached a file with some assumptions which provides resiliency without HRSP

1) ISP's are in different ASN's
2) You are receiving a default route from each ISP
3) You are using OSPF for the IGP between Lan and Wan rtrs
4) Not used HRSP but conditional routing instead
5) You wish to use only the 6MB in case of failure of the 30MB clink

Please review and share you thoughts


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