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2 location to 2 locations backup

Hi All,

I want to organize connection between 2 locations of my company and 2 locations of another company. More detailed scheme is shown on the attached picture.

Our company has two locations primary - A and secondary - B. These locations are layer 3 connected to each other.

Our routers R1-1 and R2-2 are installed on two locations of another company and are connected to another company?s network.

As different servers are installed on location A and location B of my company so different types of data have to travel via links A-R1-1 and B-R2-2.

So by default (both links are fully operational) different types of data travels via different links. In the case of link failure all data will be sent via an operational link.

I think to use 2 HSRP instances. For one type of data router R1-1 will acts as HSRP master and will forward traffic. For other types of data traffic router R2-2 will acts as HSRP master and will forward traffic.

But in case of HSRP I need layer 2 connections between R1-1 and R2-2.

May be GLBP is better choice or you can advice more sophisticated methods?


Re: 2 location to 2 locations backup

GLBP will be a better choice

Re: 2 location to 2 locations backup

if you want to go only for the backup... then HSRP is the best...

but if you want to utilise your resources then you can go for GLBP or HSRP with loadbalancing... if you want to go for the HSRP with loadbalancing then you have to go for multiple HSRP group for the loadbalnicng... now its upto you how you want to configure your network...

there is no need to have layre 2 connectivity if you are having multiple subnets...

then you are going to use the virtual ip address from that perticular subnets...

please let me know what are you planing for...



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