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2 NAT Pools, 1 egress Interface

Hi All,

I have a NAT Router before a BGP Internet Router set up as follows:

LANs 1 and 2 ==> NATRouter ----> BGPRouter ==> ISP 1 and ISP 2

On the NAT Router, 2 distinct LANs ( /24 and /16) come in from 2 different Interfaces but go out towards the BGP Router through the same Interface. I have defined the 2 ingress interfaces as nat inside and the single egress as nat outside.

Using the same access-list and NAT pool everything works fine.

However I intend to use a different ISP on the BGP Router for the 2 LANs so i wish to define 2 NAT Pools such that LAN 1 uses one pool and LAN 2 uses another pool. But both traffic still go out on the same egress towards the Internet. I've read about using separate egress interfaces and a route-map in a multi-homed design but i only have one interface to use. Is it possible to have the 2 pools use the same interface somehow?

Thanks a million in advance for your help..


Re: 2 NAT Pools, 1 egress Interface

It is better to perform the NAT on the edge router where the ISP links connected !

Any way to assigne a nat pool based on source ip you can use the below example

Keys say you already defined a nat pool named pool1

Source LAN

Access-list 100 permit ip any

Ip nat inside source list 100 pool pool1

For other LAN define new ACL and nat pool and use the same concept using the other acl and pool name

Hope this help

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Re: 2 NAT Pools, 1 egress Interface

Thanks Marwanshawi,

Our challenge is actually using 2 nat pools on the same interface with the nat outside command. Is it possible to have 2 nat pools work on the same exit interface. if not then we'll just find a way to move the nat to the ISP Router.


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