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2 Two type of License

Good day!

Can anyone tell me if i have 2 type of license on my 2901 router: ipbase and uc, will the 2 type of fuctions of this license work at the same time. Another words will i have route and nat funtions work with voip having to type of license on my 2901?



Re: 2 Two type of License

Hi Dmitri,

there are many licenses more than two! However, the IPBase is the one it'is coming by default to let your router being accessed and configured but essentially the license you buy (UC,SEC,HSEC,DATA or a bundle of it) is a kind of activation key for Microsoft. They just "enable" the features you need for. So for example, a 2901 can do just static rouing and RIP with IPBase if i am not wrong, installing that license you will enable BGP,OSPF,IS-IS, EIGRP,MPLS etc.. The features enabled of course depend from the license you bought.

Hope being clear enough



PS: Routing and NAT should be in the VOICE license too but just to be sure you can buy the bundle of DATA+VOICE

VIP Purple

2 Two type of License

Routing and NAT is a basic functionality of a router. For the 2901 thats all included in the IPBase License that you got by default. If you add the UC-license, you only get more features, but everything from IPBase is still there.

If you want to find out which Feature is available in which IOS on a given platform, you can use the feature-navigator:

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2 Two type of License

Thanks a lot;) Your answers were very helpfull.

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