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2600 Router problems

Hi all,

We have a 2600 router that seems to have problems while booting up. When, the router is turned on with all the default connctions to the PC, junk charecters show up on the screen (I'm using secureCRT) and when I press ctrl+break to get into rommon mode, nothing happens. I'm not sure what is hapenning at this point. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Re: 2600 Router problems

Hi, someone has messed the console speed settings.

With patience, try all the serial speeds on the PC until something readable comes on screen.

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Re: 2600 Router problems

Thanks...I'll try all the serial ports ...thanks for the info. I'll let you know if this works.

Re: 2600 Router problems

My guess is that the baud rate is wrong. By default, it should be 9600. However, someone may have set it differently in the config register.

Try setting different baud rates on your secureCRT. I don't know, but you may have to restart the secureCRT when you change the baud rate.

Kevin Dorrell


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Re: 2600 Router problems

You were absolutely right on this...someone had changed the baud rate to 2400. Now, how can I change this back to 9600? Thanks a lot once again.

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Re: 2600 Router problems

Type confreg and answer all the questions.

For the ones you don't what know the heck they are about, just type return.

You will end with an hex number that should be 0x2102. In fact, you can use that right number straight after confreg.

Thanks for the appreciation and good luck!

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