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2611 Boot ROM Question

By upgrading the boot ROM of a 2611 router will allow me install more flash. Does this mean that this router will support IOS 12.4? or only the XM series will?


Re: 2611 Boot ROM Question

I don't think you can put the boot rom in a 2611 they are go into 2620 and 2621.

There is no release of 12.4 for the 2600. At one time you could load the 2600xm image on a 2600 but they may be too large now.

The bootroms are very expensive you are better off spending that money on a used 2600xm router. Just make sure you get the 2600xm with the new boot roms so you don't have have the same problem loading the 12.4t/12.5 code

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Re: 2611 Boot ROM Question

You might be able to boot an XM 12.4 image on a 2611 if you could squeeze in enough RAM. I know its definitely doable on a 2651 (with 96meg of RAM at the present.) I get around the flash restrictions by TFTP booting the larger image.

I wouldn't suggest doing this in production.

As someone else noted - second hand 26000XM series routers aren't that expensive and will probably be cheaper and less error-prone than messing around trying to upgrade the 2611 boot ROM. For the record I've never done it so I don't know whether upgrading the boot ROM is possible.


Re: 2611 Boot ROM Question

IMO, the bootrom is used when there is a min. requirement of the IOS. However, if the IOS is not designed for such model, no matter you upgrade the bootrom and download the IOS. There may be still the problem and it is not supported by the vendor.

Consider a recongized spec. is better.

May be you can tell us what feature you want to use in 12.4 then we can try to suggest alternative.

Hope this helps.

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