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2611XM memory/hardware issue

Strange problem with new 2611XM router. Have two of these with 64MB DRAM each. Need 128MB so ordered the memory upgrades. However, when installing the new memory, the system no longer sees the Fast Ethernet interfaces!

The error message below is reported:

*Mar 1 00:00:10.024: %AMDP2_FE-1-INITFAIL: CSR0=0x0000

I first thought it might be bad/incompatible memory. So, as a test, an existing bank of 64 was removed from the 2nd router and put into the 2nd bank of the first router. Same thing...on boot does not have any ethernet interfaces.

I have tested both 64mb chips seperately in each router and they work fine. It just seems like once the router has more than 64MB total memory it won't work. This is an 2611XM so should support up to 256MB according to Cisco.

Also thinking a bad slot I have tried every combination of the 64/128 chips in each of the slots one at a time. The 64's work to boot successfully in either of the two slots fine just not in combination. The 128's cause the errors in either slot.

Any thoughts?


Re: 2611XM memory/hardware issue


I would suggest to check this link which clearly explains about the memory compatibilities and the interchangablities options with different types of modules.

do check out what kinda module you already have in place and the new module which you are adding up to that.


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Re: 2611XM memory/hardware issue

Not a module incompatiblity as I indicated both 64MB modules work fine seperately in either router.

My guess at this point is the bootrom might not support the memory size > 64MB so I have ordered an upgraded chip.

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Re: 2611XM memory/hardware issue


I have bad news : you have the old 2611 model : delivered with 64MB upgradable to 96MB only. The new model is delivered with 128 upgradable to 256.


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Re: 2611XM memory/hardware issue

Hm. Wondering if the boot rom will upgrade this to 128mb functionality or are there additional hardware changes that prevent this from being fully upgraded?

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Re: 2611XM memory/hardware issue

I don't know but I would not try it!

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