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2691 and vlan

In our main site we have a vlan for guest Internet via DSL and through a VLAN in our 3560 switches. We have 3560 switches in all sites. I would like to designate switch ports in the remote office as part of that guest Internet vlan. We use point to point T1's, 2691 router at corporate, and 1721 routers in the remote sites.

Can someone help me with what I need to program on the 2691 and the 1721's to pass that vlan info across the WAN?

New Member

Re: 2691 and vlan

The basics (which sounds like you are doing) is set up a trunkport on your router and using sub-interfaces to set that VLAN to your switches again using trunk ports to the router and access-ports to the endpoints. When you hit another router though, it can't transparenlty pass that traffic. It has to route it. You would probably, again using trunk ports and policy based routing be able to set up the end routers to pass traffic from the guest vlan behind the 1721 to the guest vlan interface on the 2691.

If this sound like what you are looking for and need more clarification, please let me know.

--Gavin Budd

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