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2811 and ISDN Lan

I have recnetly purchased a 2811 router and my ISP is providng me with an ISDN Lan connection with 64 kbps speed. Modem type is Intracom MModel(Netmod) which has a serial interface(RS232 type) with static public ip adrresses. Which is best way to use this link with the router? Does 2811 comes with a serial interface card for this modem or do i need to get an ISDN interface card which will take an RJ11 ?


Re: 2811 and ISDN Lan

The 2811 does not really come with any interfaces. In you case you could use the Aux port to attach to this modem. Its been a while since I did this but I assume it still works on a 2800.

To use interface cards you would need something like a wic-2t a/s or if you really want you could completely replace the modem and plug the isdn line into a wic-1b-u card. If you are going to pursue cards make sure you get the correct ones some of the older ones are not supported in the 2800.

More than likely this is a PPP connection so you will need all the options from your isp to configure this

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