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2811 CCME + WLAN compatability


Not to sure where to stick this post, so i put it in here :)

I am proposing 2811-CCME-K9 bundles for a clients WAN and IP Telephony. I want to add thye WLAN net Mod controller but it is unavailable in the configurator ???

However if i build the box from scratch without using teh bundle i can include it ??

is there any reason for this and i am guessing there is not technical reason why the

NM-AIR-WLC6-K9 cant be added to the CISCO2811-CCME/K9


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Re: 2811 CCME + WLAN compatability


Basically the bundles you are using are just standard routers, with a better (SP Services) version of IOS, DSPs for voice, and the CME feature license.

There's no reason why you can't add anything to it, provided that the version of IOS you use and the feature set (SP Services) supports the bits you want to add.

Just check on the docs online on to ensure that the minimum IOS ver and feature set (if any) are met.

I'm assuming of course that you aren't using your network module for a Voicemail (Unity Express) NM? If you require Voicemail you can use the AIM version that fits internally....



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2811 CCME + WLAN compatability

HI Buddy

I have this code in my lab and support CME and Nm-air-WLC module

Download and check if it works

I am only using this code for my my wireless but later on i want to work on VO-wi solution ,but try it and let me know

if you cannot pull the code send  me a dropbox site, and i will upload it for you


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