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2811 Priority on WAN links: Eth/WiFi/Satcom/RS232

I Am relatively new to Cisco stuff, but want to learn and think Cisco-way by working with the equipment.

I've got a 4402 WLAN controller with LWAPP's, several switches already configured and up-and-running.

The equipment will be installed on a mobile environment which has several external links. What I want to do is to have a priority/failover list which will automatically route to the best available interface.

Links I have (in descending order):

- WAN modem, ethernet (to use ADSL or cable when available)

- WiFi bridge, ethernet (to connect to WiFi hotspots)

- VSAT, ethernet (high speed satellite communication)

- Satcom, serial (2x 64Kbit/s satellite link)

- GSM, serial (56kbit/s PPP dialup)

The 2811 is equiped with a 4 port ethernet HWIC and a 4 port serial HWIC.

As I am completely new to the equipment I need to start from scrap. However at this point I've got no idea how I should approach this problem. A Collegea of mine already spend a few weeks on trying to get it to work, we do have a dialer working and routing via an ethernet interface.

The fallback/over is not working at all right now (actually we managed to setup the dialer as a backup for the ethernet but I think that's not the right way to do it), if someone could give us some advise on this would be greatly appriciated.

I Would like to know where I should start to look at for realising this setup. Or if someone knows an application sheet that would be great as well.

Many thanks in advance,



Re: 2811 Priority on WAN links: Eth/WiFi/Satcom/RS232

Your question is in fact how to realize connectivity via all possible interfaces and I must admit, it's an impressive list. To my best knowledge, there is no single document describing how to configure all of these different interfaces.

In fact, what you should rather consider is hiring a professional to assist you with the installation. It might cost a few euro's but you will gain a lot of time.

Your company name suggests that you are operating somewhere in the Benelux; so are we and many other companies who will be glad to be of assistance.



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Re: 2811 Priority on WAN links: Eth/WiFi/Satcom/RS232

Leo, thanks for your reply.

We are not planning to hire a professional, at this point. Furthermore we are currently looking at choosing an other supplier (Allied Telesis, etc.) as well, the support we get (or better, not get) from Cisco is really bad in our opinion.

Anyway I know for sure if someone gives us a hint on which routing protocols to be used and how such an setup has to be implemented (in an abstract manner) we are able to set it up.

For us it's kind of hard to see that even Cisco engineers are not aware of their products features. ie We bought a certain WiFi bridge on advise of Cisco, Ingram Micro and a well known Dutch 'Cisco' company which all said it could do what we wanted... It turned out it didn't.

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Re: 2811 Priority on WAN links: Eth/WiFi/Satcom/RS232

Isn't there anybody willing to provide some hints on the setup? It's not that I want someone to totally configure it for me, just some hints will eventually do the trick.

Regards, Kim

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Re: 2811 Priority on WAN links: Eth/WiFi/Satcom/RS232

I would use HSRP to set your wan link priority, are you using all cisco routers? if so HSRP and EIGRP would be the way to go in my opinion.

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