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2811 router fan

I have a 2811 series router at a remote location whose fan 1 & 2 are not working. The temperature is okay. Is this fan need urgent replacement. fan 1 & 2 are for what purpose.thanks

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Re: 2811 router fan


The Internal multispeed fans provide chassis cooling, controlled by an onboard Temperature sensor. The Cisco 2811 router has three fans that operate at a slower speed to conserve power and reduce fan noise at ambient temperatures below 32oC. They operate at high speed in ambient temperatures above 32oC.

It is highly recommended that you replace the chassis and make sure that all the fans are working.

Let me know if it helps.



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Re: 2811 router fan

I had to replace, after some months of router operation, some Cisco 2800 router Series chassis because of one, or more, fan(s) failed. I would like to know if Cisco Systems plan to have individually orderable fans (RMA) for Cisco 2800 Series routers. My thinking is that replacing only the fan(s)

would be less expensive and would take less time to return the router to normal operation. Thank you.

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Re: 2811 router fan

cld anybody provide me input that if one or two fans are not working like fan 1,2 than in that case too the router still works. afaik fan 1 is power supply fan & fan 2 is system fan; if power supply fan is not working, the router still works or will it stop working

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