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2811 Series compatability issues with Dell 5324 series switch

any know compatability issues with a 2811 running.

12.4(9) T3


fa0/0 - duplex/speed = auto

Current symptoms local LAN has limited to no connectivity to external resources yet router has verified connectivity.

When we swap with a 2610XM with 12.3(20) works like a charm.

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Re: 2811 Series compatability issues with Dell 5324 series switc


I am not sure that there is enough information here for us to really find the problem. You say that the router has verified connectivity. Perhaps you can supply some details of what this means and how you verified connectivity?

I can not tell from this description whether the problem is router LAN interface to server or is router WAN interface to outside. Can you tell us whether the devices on the local LAN can ping the router intrface or the router can ping devices in the LAN?

Based on the limited information my first guess would be a duplex mismatch. Can you tell us what the router is connected to? Can you post the output of show interface on the router? If it is connected to a switch then perhaps you can also post the output of show interface from the switch?



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Re: 2811 Series compatability issues with Dell 5324 series switc

Sorry for the limited information. A little background. We were originally having a circuit issue and i wanted to swap from a 2610XM to with two single port WIC1 to a 2811 with a WIC2-1DSU because of some extension length issues. So this was the beginning of this testing phase, yet when we connected the 2811 with exact same config (except a controller vs. a service-module) we found that the Dell 5324 did not like the new router. So we attempted to adjust duplex and speed settings, yet auto auto is what currently is what both devises are set for (router and switch), but our local devices are still unable to reach resources across the WAN, yet from our router we can reach those same resources. So we troubleshot a little bit longer and found that the only device on the local segment that we can reach from the 2811 with we are connected to the Dell Switch is their local server (we couldnt not even ping the Dell switch but could telnet), and no other PC's. However when we connect the 2610XM to the Dell switch, again with the same configuration, we found that the local segment was able to access all needed WAN resources (though noted we were still unable to ping the switch from the 2610XM, but could telnet) This prompted we to quested the 2811 platform as a whole with compatability with the Dell series switches such as the on indicated above.

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Re: 2811 Series compatability issues with Dell 5324 series switc

Please send "show controllers T1" when 2811 is active.

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