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2811 to replace a Mikrotek box

I have a 2811 with the advanced IP feature set and I am wanting to replace a Mikrotek router/ firewall with the 2811.

I have the WAN IP on one interface. I have my public IP range from the ISP and then I have my LAN IP range.

My question is that do i need the connection the FE0/1 inteface to a VLAN aware switch so it will see the private LAN IP traffic from the 2811??

I have configured the Cisco with two VLAN's , VLAN 1 which is my Public IP range and VLAN 2 which is my private IP range.

Anyone have any examples of this config?? Tks.

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Re: 2811 to replace a Mikrotek box


No you not need a VLAN switch. What is usually done is you connect one FE interface to your ISP router ethernet or modem, and the other to the internal network. Do you know how to configure nat and things? Is it the first time you configure a cisco router ?

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Re: 2811 to replace a Mikrotek box

No this is not my first time but first time having the 2811 doing it all.

I have the following IP configs:

WAN from ISP - 66.193.xx.xx/30

My Public Range - 74.203.xx.xx/24

I have FE0/0 with my 66.193.xx.xx/30 IP

I have FE0/1 split into 2 VLAN's one with the 74.203.xx.xx/24 and one with the 192.168.1.x

I would need to NAT any 74.203.xx.xx to the applicable 192.168.1.x .

Can the 2811 do that??

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