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2901 ISR G2 Console Connection

Hi All,

I have the 2901 ISR G2 router. I've finished configuring the router and now want to connect the console port to an ATEN KVM (KH1508i) via the KA9140 Serial Module (RS-232, VT100).

The console cable that I have has a RJ45 on the router end and a DB-9 Female on the other end. The serial port on the KA9140 has a DB-9 Female connector on it. Gender problem. I thought that the answer was a DB-9 Male-Male converter but that didn''t work.

I checked that the settings of the KA9140 (9600/8/N/1) match what the router expects.

Thinking about it some more I think that I might need a DB-9 crossover cable (null modem) because perhaps both the router and the KA9140 are trying to act as DTE. But before I head back to the shops for a new cable I'd like to see if anybody has better ideas here.

Can anbody confirm that the 2901 console port acts as DTE..? I read somewhere that it could act as DTE or DCE but perhaps not...

Similarly does anybody know if the KA9140 acts as DTE..?

Is there anything else that I might be missing here?

Many thanks for any ideas,


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