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2951 router with ASA 5510, route question

Company has two DSL lines.

They currently have user traffic going in/out DSL1, while all Exchange/Mail traffic is going in/out DSL2.  This is done via a SonicWall device.  We are replacing this with Cisco.

I know the ASA by itself doesn't support this, so a 2951 is going to be purchased along with the ASA.

Policy based routing should be used on the router to separate the traffic, right?  And allow the ASA to do the firewalling?

Could someone elaborate?

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Re: 2951 router with ASA 5510, route question


Correct, you will need a router to do the PBR and yes you should leave the ASA to do what it does best ie. firewall.

When you say "can you elaborate" what exactly is the information your are looking for ?


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Re: 2951 router with ASA 5510, route question

Hello John,

Thanks for your reply and I apologize for my vagueness.

I was just hoping for some type of documentation that pertained to my goals, or some post with an example config.  I guess I'm just putting in the wrong search terms for this forum, but I didn't have much luck.

Again, thank you for your reply.

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