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3 questions in wan networks

hi , i would like to ask a question when using point -point wan network ,

now im using subinterfaces for point-point , my question is  ............... when using point-point , should i make a static mapping ??

i mean that if i uses point-point  and type the command #sh frame-relay map ,

i can see that im using point-point but i cant see the ip of the next router  but in the same time i can ping it !!!!!!?


another issue ,

im using GNS3 simulator  for emulating my framerelay network

now assume the topology

R1-------------------frame relay switch-----------------R2

firstly , if i connect R1 , and show the lmi state , i find it inactive ,  and when i connect R2, the lmi state become active and every thing is ok ,

my problem is , if i shutdown the interface of router R2 , the lmi in R1 still active !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why it still active ??????????? shouldnt it become inactive ????or it is a simulator issue ????


last question ,

can the router in frame relay talk to others if they were not in the same networks ???? or the same subnets ??

if yes , what scenarios can be ??


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3 questions in wan networks

In point-to-point, you just need to specify the local dlci under point-to-point sub interfaces configuration


frame-relay interface-dlci 10

Map that dlci on frame relay switch between both interfaces connecting to R1 and R2.

It should work fine.

To communicate with different subnets, they have to be routed and network layer reachability must be there to achieve that.



Musab Imdad


Posted by WebUser Musab Kiani from Cisco Support Community App

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3 questions in wan networks

hi ,

i know that inpoint -point ineed static dlci , but i mean , if i type the command #sh frame relay map , here is the output :

Serial3/1.4 (up): point-to-point dlci, dlci 104(0x68,0x1880), broadcast

          status defined, active

note that i cant see the ip , its is rreplaced with "point-topoint" words ...........but i can ping it and reach it.

but in multipoint the ip is appeared and the output as :

Serial3/1.2 (up): ip dlci 102(0x66,0x1860), dynamic,

              broadcast,, status defined, active

note that here the ip is appeared .


in case of 2nd answe , did u mean i have to make it static mapping ????

i just want to ask if i do it dynamically  mapping "inverse arp"  ................ shouldnt when the 2nd router fail, the vc state changed from active to inacrive >???????????



3 questions in wan networks

In point-to-point, since there is only one DLCI value, that is going to be used against whatever L3 address on that interface is, neither it is statically defined nor dynamically learned, therefore it shows only point-to-point,

Also note that DLCI is statically defined, even you can same DLCI on more than one point-to-point serial interfaces, i.e


frame-relay interface-dlci 10


frame-relay interface-dlci 10


In static mapping, Dynamic doesn't come up because dlcis are mapped against ips statically, if you disable inverse-arp and don't define static mappings, your map will never come active.

I am not sure if above brief answer has clarified what exactly you want to know or not...


Posted by WebUser Musab Kiani from Cisco Support Community App

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