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3745 slow boot up

I have a 3745 (thans soon to go into use)

and I hangs for 2min on boot

at the part after it says "program load complete" twice then it says it again and opens the bin but it hangs for 2min before loading it


Program load complete

Program load complete

(hang for 2 min)

Program load complete



Re: 3745 slow boot up

Possible IOS image corrupted or checksum problem during the last IOS image upgrade. Get a new working IOS image, reboot the router and interrupt the boot process. You will be in rommon mode, load the new IOS image from there.

Since you will be using Xmodem to upload a new working IOS image. If possible, get the smallest size IOS image first for faster upload. You can upload your desired IOS image (or bigger size) once you succesfully booted from a new/smaller IOS image.

See this link on how to upload IOS image using Xmodem

Re: 3745 slow boot up

I previously

could only get into rommon mode so I

loaded the smallest IOS I have for it (30MB)

via xmodem (changed the baudrate to max so it wouldn't take 12hours)

and then it booted

it was using the class "b" filesystem and I wanted the class "c" filesystem so I formated it then removed the cf card and used a reader to copy a newer IOS (45MB) to it

inserted it and it booted but has the hanging on boot

I would have tftp'ed the ios but my solarwinds tftp gave a file too large error

and I didn't want to wait 1:30 to 2hours to load it via xmodem

could this somehow have caused it (I didn't check for the hanging prior to the card reader ios copy)

Re: 3745 slow boot up

Please help

Community Member

Re: 3745 slow boot up

I think we have seen this as well. what type of cards are in the router? take out the modules and boot and see how long it takes then put the modules back in one at a time and see how long it takes. I think it is something to do with checking the cards.

Re: 3745 slow boot up

it has no cards

just the mainboard

and the front board that had the 3 wic slots, console, aux, and 2x Fe

it has a cisco branded 128MB CF card pluged into the Main board and no CF in the front board

Re: 3745 slow boot up


it does boot but it hangs there for 2 full minutes

the only file on the flash is the IOS (should there be something related to ata?)

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