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3825 for full BGP ?


does anybody have experience if a multihoming BGP (with full bgp table imported from upstream) is supported (in term of performance, etc) by Cisco 3825 ? Is it enough or do I need 72xx ?




Re: 3825 for full BGP ?

I have 3745/256 - Enterprise IOS running in tandem with 7513/RSP4/256 connected to three ISP with full bgp route plus ospf and I have 20MB of memory to spare. Recommended is 512MB so you can do other things like manipulating AS best path. Believe it or not the 3745 have lower CPU util than 7513/RSP4. I think if you would like to consider those mammoth routers, it depends on how many interfaces you need, how many services you need, and the WAN throughput. Take note that running multiple services in a router will degrade its performance, it doesn't mean that if you can plug 6GE interface in a router it can have a maximum throughput of 6Gbps. There is a MIERCOM benchmarking for 3800 series

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Re: 3825 for full BGP ?

Hence you think that 3825/512 is enough ???

Re: 3825 for full BGP ?

Yes, but it depends in the environment and setup. Consider the following;

- Throughput

- Modules/Interfaces it can support

- Redundancy (Power/RSP)

- Uptime

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Re: 3825 for full BGP ?

I have 2 links 40 Mb ATM, 1 Gigaethernet for the inside FW...

Re: 3825 for full BGP ?

No doubt that 3825/512 can support full route BGP from multiple upstream ISP.

You mentioned 2 x 40Mbps ATM for WAN and 1GE to LAN.

- According to MIERCOM, throughput for 3845 is max 50Mbps with all possible maximum number of interfaces and services used. You can get higher than this if you only use BGP

- 3825 comes with 2GE fixed, 1SFP, 4WIC, 2 AIM, and maximum 2 NME

- 3825 has no RPS.

What type of ATM? Take note that 3825 can support maximum 2 NME. 3825 can support the following ATM modules;







Else you can consider using MetroE if available, beside Ethernet has higher payload than ATM and cheaper and newer infrastructure :)

Is uptime important to you? You may consider putting one router for each upstream and run iBGP between them.

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Re: 3825 for full BGP ?

Thank you very much Medan.

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