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3845 onboard VPN counters question.

We use 3845`s to terminate some branch offices with a IPSec/GRE tunnel.

However ive noticed that when doing the stats on the onboard cryto card I get a error I can`t find any info on and wondered if anyone on here had come across it ?


0 pkts dropped 0 ppq full

0 tx parts overflow 0 rx parts overflow

0 replenishment failure 0 zero len

0 flow inputs bad 0 cmd invalid

0 IPV4 len 0 algor invalid

0 bad shadow particle 0 algor disabled

0 pre tx fail 0 dma error

0 dbit miss 0 pipeline abort

0 failsafe timeout 0 reserv

0 bad sz count 0 bad shdw

0 bad flow tx 0 spi mismatch

0 bad flow rx 0 auth fail

0 udm fs fail 0 pad fail

0 addr limit fixup fail 0 seq fail

250756555 quad fix sp 0 quad fix mp

0 quad fix cont


Re: 3845 onboard VPN counters question.

This looks like an encryption issue. You can find the workaround for the similar kind of issue in the bug bug ID “CSCsd47513".

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Re: 3845 onboard VPN counters question.

Thanks for the reply how ever the version of IOS used is not listed for that bug.

3845 is running 12.4-13d.

CPU is running at approx 40% which is what we would expect when encrypting approx 60-70Mb ( wth varying packet sizes )


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Re: 3845 onboard VPN counters question.

Hi Ahrich,

I got the same issue with a 12.4(13r)T, but CPU is 20% and I lost 1% traffic.

Did you manage to solve this problem ?

Thanks and best regards

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