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4 Port Serial Adaptor

Hi All,

We have 7200VX series router which has 4 port -PA 4T serial adapter.If we populate each port with an E1, then is possible to route all the bandwidth into the LAN through a single Ethernet port,or do we need 4 Ethernet ports.

Thanks in advance.


Re: 4 Port Serial Adaptor

Hi Ravinder,

4x E1 lines have a bandwidth of 4x2048 kbits/s which is 8192 kbits/s (8.192 Mbits/s).

An Ethernet port has 10Mbits/s so it should be able to handle that traffic.

A problem may arise if the Ethernet port connects to a shared Ethernet segment saturated with traffic.

In this case the Ethernet port will not have its entire bandwidth available.

But if the Ethernet port connects to a switch with higher speed uplink ports then I think there should not be a problem.



New Member

Re: 4 Port Serial Adaptor

Hi Istvan,

Thank you very much for your reply.

If we connect the ethernet port to a Cisco 3500 Catalyst then we should not face any problem.?

I would also like to know how do we do routing in this case.we plan to use static routes.

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Re: 4 Port Serial Adaptor

Hello Ravinder,

it is very important to setup a 10 Mbps full-duplex link:

half-duplex supports up to 3.3 Mbps per direction.

So verify the ethernet port is capable of full-duplex I remember some PA with 4 Ethernet or 8 ethernet ports not capable of full-duplex operations.

Once this is solved you can use static routes

Hope to help


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