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4510R+E SUP7-E FastEthernet1 Mgmt Port works and doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I have two identical 4510R+E chassis with redundant SUP7-E (XE 3.5.0E, Rom: 15.0(1r)SG1). Both SUP Fa1 mgmt Ports are cabled to the same Switch to a Gix/x Port. Both chassis have exact the same config (with the exception of IPs and some individual switchport configurations), especially the mgmt-ports configs and the configuration of the switchports, to which they are connected. The Fa1 ports are configured to 'vrfMgmt' VRF and the Gi ports are connected as access-ports to a management VLAN.

On one switch, I can ping the Fa1 ports IP-address successful, on the other switch not!?

With enabling ‘debug ip icmp’ I can see, that the switch is replying to the ping requests. In addition I see output packets on the Fa1 interface, but no input packets and no mac-address on the Gix/x Port. It seems that the mgmt-port is receiving and processing traffic, but the outgoing traffic does not get out.

Very strange is, that after setup the switches, the Fa1 ports were not available on both switches. After configuring an SVI on one switch to the mgmt-VLAN, with the same IP-address as that from the Fa1 port, I got an duplicate IP address conflict message. After disabling the SVI the IP remained available through the Fa1 port. But this process did not work on the other switch which also does not notify a duplicate IP. !?!?

Any idea???

Thanks in advance


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can you post relevant configs from all devices?


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