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5505 with RV042 - outside ip address?

I have an ASA 5505 with and just purchased an VR042 to make use of the two internet connections we have. (We have web based apps and absolutely need access 24/7). I wasn't here when the 5505 was set up and I am not that familiar with it, but I think this is a simple question. It is currently hooked up to a DSL modem with a built in router and the outside address for the 5505 is set to the public IP address for the DSL connection. I am guessing that is for the VPN and I won't need to change that when I put the RV042 in place, or will I need both public addresses to use both internet connections? Using only one for the VPN is fine.

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Re: 5505 with RV042 - outside ip address?

It's really no that simple. If the DSL modem has a built in router, then it will have the public IP address and it will establish a LAN subnet, then the WAN interface of the 5505 will have a different IP address on the LAN subnet defined by the DSL modem.

If the 5505 has a public IP address, that would usually imply that the DSL modem is not actually addressed.

These 2 scenarios are quite different

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Re: 5505 with RV042 - outside ip address?

What is the RV042 being installed? Redundancy/failover?

If you want failover/redundancy with different broadband carriers, I would suggest getting a second ASA 5505 with a Security Plus License and a license upgrade for your other ASA if it doesn't have sec plus installed. This will give you failover and dual isp support without mixing a different system in.

DSL modems can bridge the ip addresses through so they are added to on the ASA and not the modem. Most likely PPPoE or oATM.


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Re: 5505 with RV042 - outside ip address?

The RV042 is was intended to be used to load balance the connection and that would naturally provide a failover if one connection was lost. It is hooked up to a cable modem and a DSL modem. Since I was not familiar with the 5505 and it was already installed with the DSL modem and the cable modem active but not connected to our network I talked with a Cisco rep first and this is what I ended up with. I don't think a second ASA is in the budget at this time. I am guessing a static route to the gateway address on the router isn't going to help?

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