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this is my first time to configure catalyst 6506 switch, can anyone teach me how to configure vlan, switching between router and switch? or show me good links for some configuration example. thanks


Re: 6506

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Refer link below for various CISCO Document Link related to 6506 Switch:

Refer link below for IOS Version based Command Reference Manual:

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Re: 6506


Assuming switch is running IOS

6500(config)# vlan 10

6500(config-vlan)# name servervlan1

6500(config)# vlan 11

6500(config-vlan)# name servervlan2

This creates the vlans at Layer 2.

6500(config)# int vlan 10

6500(config-if)# ip address

6500(config)# int vlan 11

6500(config-if)# ip address

This configures the layer 3 interface. So if you now allocate ports to either vlan 10 or vlan the interfaces will come up and the switch will route between vlan 10 and vlan 11.

to allocate ports eg.

6500(config)# int gi8/1

6500(config-if)# switchport

6500(config-if)# switchport access vlan 10

6500(config-if)# spanning-tree portfast

Only include "spanning-tree portfast" for servers or clients connected on that port NOT other switches.

If you want to exchange routes with an external router you either need to use static routes or use an Interior routing Protocol such as EIGRP.

That is a very high level overview. For far more details go onto cisco website and in the search bar type

"6500 12.2 configuration" and it will come back with a full configuration document. Obviously you need to change 12.2 to whatever version you are running. To see version of code type

"sh ver"



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