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6509 SUP720 - ASIC Temp Shutdown Probem

Has anyone seen something similar because I am puzzled as to best course of action.

6509 with 2 x SUP720. Slot 5 SUP reports temp problem and shuts down, but takes the entire switch with it (PSU's go OUTPU FAIL). Second Sup works fine with first removed from system. It has been working fine for nearly a year.

73: *Apr 23 07:10:04: %C6KENV-SP-2-MAJORTEMPALARM: module 5 asic-6 temperature crossed threshold #2(=105C). It has exceeded allowed operating temperature range.

74: *Apr 23 07:10:04: %C6KENV-SP-2-SHUTDOWN_SCHEDULED: shutdown for module 5 scheduled in 60 seconds

75: *Apr 23 07:11:04: %C6KENV-SP-2-SHUTDOWN: shutdown module 5 now because of asic-6 temperature.

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Re: 6509 SUP720 - ASIC Temp Shutdown Probem

I'm assuming its not actually temperature related (i.e. in the room) since it works with 1 sup fine.

You can do some in-depth diagnostics with GOLD:

diagnostic start module 5 test all

*Careful, as it is intrusive.

That might hint to more specific hardware failures on the on SUP that seems to be problematic. Or at least rule out a bad blade.

If you put the Seconds Sup in module 5 and the old-primary in the other... does the same thing happen? Or does only one of the sups bring the entire switch down?

Could be a bad temp sensor.

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Re: 6509 SUP720 - ASIC Temp Shutdown Probem

Temp in room is 21.5C. A new WS-SUP720= has been installed in same slot, so I will see what happens to that.

I think the module was faulty, but my main problem is that the entire switch went off, not just the faulty module.

I think I will log a call to see what expected behaviour of this fault should have been.


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Re: 6509 SUP720 - ASIC Temp Shutdown Probem

Seems to be 2 issues here -

1) High temp onboard ASIC forcing Sup 720 to go down, that means the ASIC chip is heating up more than redundant sup, so it can be considered as faulty and have the Sup engine replaced

2) Not failing over to secondary sup is pointing that the redundancy is not working properly. have the configs checked (SSO should be enabled). Make sure you have the same image of IOS installed on both sup engines.

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