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7200VXR and Cat6500 Sup1A OSPF Question

I've been troubleshooting this for hours and I just can't figure this one out. I have 3 7200vxr NPEG1 routers that each have a single ethernet connection to a 6500. VXR1 has it's gige interface sub-interfaced into vlan2,3 with dot1q encapsulation. vlan 2 goes through the 6500 to VXR2, and vlan 3 goes through the 6500 to VXR3. I have addessed each vlan with a /30. Appropriate trunking has been done in the 6500. I have an ospf adjacency between VXR1 and VXR2, but INIT/Drother seen on VXR1 and nothing seen on VXR3. That tells initially that VXR1 is not sending hellos to VXR3, but VXR3 is sending hellos to VXR1, or the ospf config is wrong on one of the routers. I've verified the ospf config and network statements and all are correct. we also don't use MD5. Trunking also appears to be correct on the 6500, and VXR1 and VXR3 can ping each other. Am I crazy or does it appear that VXR 1 just doesn't want to talk to VXR3. I'm running 12.2(25)s on VXR1 and 12.3T on VXR3.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any suggestions?



Re: 7200VXR and Cat6500 Sup1A OSPF Question

can you ping ?

Here is a good page for possible reason in init

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Re: 7200VXR and Cat6500 Sup1A OSPF Question

Yep - I can ping the interfaces, but when I ping the ospf multicast address from VXR1, VXR3 does not respond. I wonder if the 6500 is preventing this from going through. I'll keep digging.

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Re: 7200VXR and Cat6500 Sup1A OSPF Question


Could you post the relevant configs for routers and 6500.



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