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I want to know about the 7206 and 7204, i know that 7200 + 6 .. this six 6 repreesnt 6 slots and 4 slots..

but wht is the VXR ..???????? can any one explian it.



Re: 7206-VXR?????


VXR i think it means voice ecclerated routers.I think they have more capabilities for voice traffic this is just as a guess.



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Re: 7206-VXR?????


The VXR has a faster backplane than it non-VXR equivalent ie, VXR can go up to 1Gbps as opposed to 500Kbps for non VXR.

Also the VXR has intergrated multi-service interchange functionality. From cisco doc


Integrated Data, Voice, and Video (Multiservice) Solutions

The integrated multiservice interchange (MIX) bus on the Cisco 7200 VXR chassis delivers flexible support for hybrid environments including time-division multiplexing (TDM) voice, voice over IP (VoIP), and voice over Frame Relay (VoFR). Digital voice port adapters provide large-scale, high-capacity voice termination to private branch exchanges (PBXs) and the public switched telephone network (PSTN). With high-density Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and T1/E1 interfaces, these modules have the horsepower to deliver up to 60 channels of highly compressed voice for bandwidth-sensitive WAN applications and up to 120 channels of toll-quality voice for large LAN and campus voice applications.




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Re: 7206-VXR?????

The original 7200 series had some serious limitations on the bus, and this meant that you could put only a limited number of high-speed (Fast Ethernet being high-speed...) Port Adapters in the box.

That was corrected in the 7200 VXR series, and since then you don't have to bother anymore about which port adapter goes into which slot.

This made the 7200VXR a Really Cool Router :-)

VXR has nothing to do with Voice capabilities.

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Re: 7206-VXR?????

Indeed it has to do with voice capabilities, as previous poster have mentioned, the presence of the MIX bus allows voice cards to share DSP resources of PA-VXA card with PA-MCX cards. Another application is drop and inster TDM mux.

The VXR names itself means Voice eXtended Router.

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Re: 7206-VXR?????

Not quite. 7200VXR still has 600 bandwidth point limitations. Essentially, 7206VXR can take up to 3x 600 points:

1. Port adapters 2,4 and 6 share the same 600 points

2. Port adapters 0,1,3 and 5 share another 600 points

3. With NPE G1 or G2, the IO module slot gets another 600 points

Each Cisco 7200 Port Adapter has a certain amount of bandwidth points. One particular Adapter with 600 points that immediately comes to mind is the SA-VAM2/SA-VAM2+.

Read Cisco 7200 Series Port Adapter Hardware Configuration Guidelines:

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Re: 7206-VXR?????


VXR means "Very Expensive Router" :)


Re: 7206-VXR?????

Hahahaha!!! That's a really cool acronym. You made me laugh. Nice one. =)


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