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7206VXR GPE-400/GE1


I will be upgrading a 7206VXR with a NPE-400 to a NPE-GE1. Will I be able to swap the hardware and just copy / paste the config without any syntax modifications or other changes? Sorry but I do not have experience with this or have the resources available to lab this out prior.



Re: 7206VXR GPE-400/GE1

The NPE-400 has fast ethernet ports whereas NPE-G1 has Gig ports so the config chnages accordingly

Apart from the above i dont think, there will be any major change..

whats the IOS version you are loading on the new NPE? It would however be better to have a look at the IOS release notes


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Re: 7206VXR GPE-400/GE1

Hello Michael,

I did this two years ago.

Because the new NPE-G1 has its own I/O controller on the board

be aware of the following:

Before powering down the router to install the NPE-G1, you must save the running configuration to a

Flash Disk, PC Card, or TFTP server before you install the NPE-G1, or the running configuration will

be lost and you will have to manually reenter your configuration.

you need to copy the config to some hardware where you can reach it after you swap the NPE.

Then, the config has to be changed accordingly to the built GE ports

the media type command says if you want to use a GE RJ-45 or the GBIC and you can make different choices on each of the GE ports.

You can choice to remove the I/O controller because it is unneeded we tested both cases: with and without the old I/O controller.

Be aware also that the new ports will be on the opposite side of the rack where the Port Adapters are installed because the card under them is the old I/O controller this can require some moves in cabling.

Hope to help


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Re: 7206VXR GPE-400/GE1

Thanks, your all over it! I think I got it, thank you all for the assistance.


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