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75 % link utilisation ?

we have a 64 kbps link.

on doing show serial 0/1, available bandwidth is 48 Kbps and input queue is 0/75/0/0 and output queue is 54/1000/64/0,so maximum tx load can be 100 % but receiving load is only 187/255 beyond which link goes choked...........,

any reasons for this and any remedies............


Re: 75 % link utilisation ?


Are you using any Qos config out there in the router ? have you applied any QoS config parameters ?

you can overcome the same using max-reserved-bandwidth ..

do check this link for more info on the same.


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Re: 75 % link utilisation ?

Do you control the other side of the link's egress?

Not sure what you mean by "link goes choked". Could you explain further?

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Re: 75 % link utilisation ?

no ,the otherside of the link is not in our administration. we are not using any Qos , otherside i am not sure.

Link gets choked means when the rx load is 187/255 , user is not able to work and we are able to increase the load.

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Re: 75 % link utilisation ?

If you don't control, or at least can specify, what the other side is doing with how they manage congestion, you might be unable to improve the situation.

On your side, the snapshot showing your link's output queue, with 54/1000/64/0, would be 100% utilization. This could also contribute to your "choking" but I suspect the default WFQ is running on your interface, which is normally very good, and may be the reason such a load is not a problem on your side. The question is whether the far side is also running WFQ on their output interface or running FIFO. If the latter, you might ask if they'll run the former.

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