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7600 and PPPoE, IOS versions, Line Cards, SIP 400

Dear All,

To no avail I have been searching and finding partial information on what is needed to use a Cisco 7606 as a BRAS for PPPoE concentration and wanted to get some expert opinion on what is needed to support PPPoE on my router, so in following my router configuration:

Cisco 7606 Series Chasis

WS-SUP720-3BXL Supervisor

IOS 15.2.2S ( c7600s72033-adventerprisek9-mz.152-2.S.bin)

Is it true that for PPPoE to work (I have tried configurations and everything the pppoe enable command is not available on interfaces) I have to have at least one SIP 400 with an GigE SPA module to support PPPoE, and that the number of PPPoE sessions is limited to 8000 and that I can have a maximum 32000 PPPoE connections if I have 4 SIP 400 installed.

Would a 7600 MWAM enable me to use PPPoE without the SIP 400 and how many session can I get with one MWAM.

Nowhere in cisco documentation did I find what is the minimum required hardware for spporting the PPPoE on 7600 series routers.

Thanks a lot for you appreciated expert help,



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