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7604 not supporting frame-relay route

Hi Pros,

I have a 7604 which I have to configure as Frame Relay Switch. I am able to configure frame-relay switching globally and set the interface as intf-type dce. But I am not able to configure any frame-relay route command under DCE interface. But I am able to execute the show command "show frame-relay route".

7604 running s72033-ipservices_wan-mz.122-18.SXF.bin. I suspected it could be a hidden command but it is not taking the command when executed.


R4-7604-P3-CORE(config-if)#frame-relay ?

  accounting             Special accounting instruction

  broadcast-queue        Define a broadcast queue and transmit rate

  class                  Define a map class on the interface

  congestion-management  Enable Frame Relay congestion management

  de-group               Associate a DE group with a DLCI

  fast-restart           fast restart on switchover

  fragment               Enable end-to-end fragmentation for all PVCs

  ifmib-counter64        Support IF-MIB's total packet/byte counts of Counter64

                         on FR if/subif when main interface's ifSpeed < 20 Mbps

  interface-dlci         Define a DLCI on an interface/subinterface

  intf-type              Configure a FR DTE/DCE/NNI interface

  inverse-arp            Enable/disable FR inverse ARP

  ip                     Frame Relay Internet Protocol config commands

  lapf                   set LAPF parameter

  lmi-n391dte            set full status polling counter

  lmi-n392dce            LMI error threshold

  lmi-n392dte            LMI error threshold

  lmi-n393dce            set LMI monitored event count

  lmi-n393dte            set LMI monitored event count

  lmi-t392dce            set DCE polling verification timer

  lmi-type               Use CISCO-ANSI-CCITT type LMI

  local-dlci             Set source DLCI when LMI is not supported

  map                    Map a protocol address to a DLCI address

  multicast-dlci         Set DLCI of a multicast group

  policing               Enable Frame Relay policing

  priority-dlci-group    Define a priority group of DLCIs

  svc                    Enable frame relay SVCs

  traps-maximum          set max traps FR generates at link up or when getting

                         LMI Full Status message

  vc-bundle              configure a frame-relay vc-bundle

R4-7604-P3-CORE(config-if)#frame-relay route 101 inter po 4/0/0 100


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

R4-7604-P3-CORE#sh frame route
Input Intf      Input Dlci      Output Intf     Output Dlci     Status
Any clues.
Thanks in advance


Re: 7604 not supporting frame-relay route


I found the reason for it. Actually there are 2 ways of configuring frame-relay route. One is to configure frame-relay route under the interface config. And the second option is to configure connect statements globally in the router. I missed noticing the second option.