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7606 E1

Dear sir,

i have a 7606 router, and i want to know how to connect E1 line to this router, what is the module that i must install on this router to connect E1 on it.



Re: 7606 E1

I think the only E1 module for 7606 is SPA-8XCHT1/E1, which is an 8 port channelized E1

Also check 7606 in Cisco Router Guide

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Re: 7606 E1

Thank you medan

does i need carrier card to install the module on it?


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Re: 7606 E1

You will also need a SIP (Shared Interface Processor). For this card the SIP-200 is all you will need. It has space for 4 SPA's.


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Re: 7606 E1

Thank you Sir

that is good, but can i use flexwan module and PA-MC-8TE1+ module, and what is the difference between flexwan module and SIP module

Thanks alot

Re: 7606 E1

Oh, yes you can use it because the PA-MC-8TE1+ interfaces can be channelised

You need to use Enhanced FlexWan because FlexWan is already EOS

The Cisco I-Flex design combines shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs), leveraging an extensible design that enables service prioritization for voice, video and data services. Enterprise and service provider customers can take advantage of improved slot economics resulting from modular port adapters that are interchangeable across Cisco routing platforms. The I-Flex design maximizes connectivity options and offers superior service intelligence through programmable interface processors that deliver line-rate performance. I-Flex enhances speed-to-service revenue and provides a rich set of QoS features for premium service delivery while effectively reducing the overall cost of ownership. The Cisco 7600 SIP-200 helps enable high-performance, intelligent WAN services. Enterprises and service providers can take full advantage of the increased scalability, performance, and rich features offered by the Cisco 7600 SIP-200, along with the many options for WAN aggregation and connectivity offered in the Cisco SPA/SIP portfolio. The Cisco 7600 SIP-200 provides feature parity with the Enhanced FlexWAN while offering twice the performance and increased scalability.

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Re: 7606 E1

so what is the difference between using FlexWan module and SIP module?

i need up to 24 chanalized E1 port to be installed in the 7606 router

Re: 7606 E1

SIP-200 has twice the performance of Enhanced FlexWan. See above response

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Re: 7606 E1

Thank you medan,

so you prefer to use SIP-200 module,

and i can install the 24 E1 int three SPA, and in the fourth SPA i will install 8 ports fast ethernet module,

and all these modules will be MPLS aware

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