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837 and Cisco 6260 dslam problem

Hello Gents

When Testing the 837 router on a dry wire connection to the 6260 Dslam ( 300m cable connected between the 837 router and the dslam champ cables without any pots splitter ),the ATM interface is down ( physical layer is down from both sides ) we tried to change the configurations of dsl operating mode from auto to dmt itu in the 837 but no success, it seems that there is no signal at all between the 837 and the dslam.

After looking at the technical specifications of the hardware and the compatibility issues , I foud few materials showing that the 837 router is compliant to the G992.1 ITU and G992.2 ITU adsl standards.The card that was shipped with the dslam is the ATUC-8-DMT-I-1

which is a card dedicated to work with ADSL over ISDN protocol ( it does support only G991.1 Annex B ) while the 837 routers supports only the G992.1 ITU annex A.

Please could you help us to check the following points :

1- the compatibility of the 837 router with ATUC-8-DMT-I-1 card.

2- the confirmation that the pots splitter is required or no at the dslam side and the 837 side, if it is the case what is the third party recommended pots splitter, tested with ATUC-8-DMT-I-1 card and the 6260 dslam and recommended by Cisco.

3- In case of the ATUC-8-DMT-I-1 card is not totally compliant with 837 router, is the ATUC-8-DMT card the only card that should be used with 837 router ? in this case is there really a need for the Pots splitter from both sides ( dslam and CPE side) and what are the recommended Pots splitters that should be used ?

Thanks for your help


Re: 837 and Cisco 6260 dslam problem

Try connecting the router to DSLAM with ATUC-1-4DMT.Try to upgrade the IOS on the issue of 8-port DMT and FLEXI cards. It might be a firmware issue with 8-port DMT and Flexi. Know that 4-port DMT vs the 8-port DMT uses different chipset.

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Re: 837 and Cisco 6260 dslam problem

Thanks for your help,I will try to do this and tell you the result

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