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871: difference between AdvIPServices and AdvSecurity IOS

I just got a 871W for a customer and I am not sure what version of IOS I should use. Can anyone explain what the differences are between Advanced IP Services and Advanced Security IOS (or point me in the right direction)? Also can either on be installed on 871W? Thanks.


Re: 871: difference between AdvIPServices and AdvSecurity IOS

Hi George,

Advanced security IOS package has Cisco IOS firewall, IPSEC, 3DES, VPN, SSH feature set.

Advanced IP services has IPV6, advanced security feature set, MPLS, SSH, ATM, VoATM, Voip, IP telephony feature set.

HTH, Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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Re: 871: difference between AdvIPServices and AdvSecurity IOS

The router that I have has 24MB of flash and it seems that Advanced IP services image can be installed onto it if SDM is deleted - is that correct? Infact does enyone know what are all these files:

Directory of flash:/

2 -rwx 12083768 --- -- ---- --:--:-- ----- c870-advsecurityk9-mz.124-4.T4.bin

3 -rwx 2254 Mar 1 2002 00:06:09 +00:00 sdmconfig-8xx.cfg

4 -rwx 833024 Mar 1 2002 00:06:28 +00:00 es.tar

5 -rwx 1052160 Mar 1 2002 00:06:49 +00:00 common.tar

6 -rwx 1038 Mar 1 2002 00:07:02 +00:00 home.shtml

7 -rwx 102400 Mar 1 2002 00:07:17 +00:00 home.tar

8 -rwx 1959936 Mar 1 2002 00:07:45 +00:00 wlanui.tar

9 -rwx 491213 Mar 1 2002 00:08:03 +00:00 128MB.sdf

23482368 bytes total (6946816 bytes free)



Re: 871: difference between AdvIPServices and AdvSecurity IOS

This one is confusing.

This is the docuement that lists this information.

Table 3 has the advanced security which is what you get by default and Table 5 has Advanced IP services which you get in addition to the feature in table 3.

The think that is very confusing is that the software advisor is closer to what Amit posted. Hard to say which is true since I do not have a 870 series router.

Only reason I even check the software advisor was I though it was strange that you had to upgrade just to get OSPF and EIGRP. The software advisor indicates that both images contain these features.

So I guess we will have to have someone who has used one of these to tell us.

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