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871 vs. 1841 - Performance

Hey guys, I know that the 1841 is better than the 800 series, but what are the exact benchmarks?

I searched to see what is the cpu speed on the 1841 but wasn't able to.

Basically, we have an office where there are lots of traffic going out to the internet and the 871 seems like it can't handle the load, but at the same time when I do a "sh proc" or "sh proc cpu" I see low numbers (less than 5%).

We're thinking on replacing this 871 with an 1841. Do you guys think is a good idea?

Lastly, what is the exact throughput of each device?



Re: 871 vs. 1841 - Performance

what do you mean by "it can't handle the load." if you did a sh proc cpu and got less than 5%, then it sounds like it can. how many vpn tunnels do you have going on? any super huge ACLs?


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Re: 871 vs. 1841 - Performance

that's the thing. Simple config, route-maps, 2 ISPs, tracking 2 objects for failover and no vpn tunnels

The huge thing is traffic though. LOTs of market data applications going outbound and 7 PCs making some kind of special outbound tunnel (using gre, isakmp, etc). These 7 PCs are only used for this special app that is only accessed via a tunnel that the PCs establish before using those apps

Then, there are like 15 PCs also heavily using bloomberg, reuters, thomson, etc. etc.

ISP1 is a 30Mbps-down/5Mbps-up connection.

ISP2 is T1

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Re: 871 vs. 1841 - Performance


Can you attach your configuration ?


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