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877 bridge-mode aal5mux

I have a 877 configured in bridge mode with vc encaps aal5snap.

We've got frequently drop outs and low speed. The ISP suggest us to change the encaps to MUX. I tried to encap aal5mux to pvc 8/35, but it gave me choice of frame-relay/IP/PPP/Voice.

If it is not in bridge mode, I would use ppp dialer and specify the dialer pool. But in this case the dialer pool is in another router.

How can I modify the configuration to implement aal5mux in bridge-mode?

The IOS version is 12.4(4)T8.

I attached the current configuration for reference.



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Re: 877 bridge-mode aal5mux

Hello Lydia,

>> We've got frequently drop outs and low speed.

These are OSI Layer1 issues that probably can be addressed in a different way.

You can check the healthy of the dsl line with:

sh dsl interface atm0

look at the noise margin lines and at error statistics.

If noise margin is less then 10 dB you can have problems.

Changing from aal5snap to aal5mux doesn't provide better line conditions.

You have the following configured:

dsl operating-mode itu-dmt

Ask the provider if they expect this from customers.

Also ask them if they have upgraded the DSLAM to ADSL2+ if this is the case you may need to upgrade the firmware of the DSL card.

A way to update the firmware is to upgrade the IOS image for example to 12.4(20)T something

Hope to help


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