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881 dual WAN capable?

I have just been assigned to configure a Cisco 881 router. It only has a single WAN port interface which I configured to our primary ISP. We have a secondary ISP via cable modem and would like to configure the CON/AUX port as the second WAN. Is this possible? If so, how do i configure it? And can I also configure out-going load balancing for the dual WAN? I would like to have the primary WAN handle 100% of the outgoing traffic, but if it fails, have the outgoing traffic use the seconday WAN. I also have configured NAT and I'm forwarding several ports to a server (e.g. web, email, imap, etc.), I would need this also for the secondary WAN. NOTE: I configured the router using Cisco CP Express, but can use the CLI if need be.

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Re: 881 dual WAN capable?

You cannot use the con/aux port as a secondary ethernet wan port.

Keep in mind that even using the built in switchports as wan ports would introduce many many feature limitations as well, so that is not something I would recommend either.

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